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Dr. Larry Covin, Jr., is an American Public Theologian, scholar and author.


His publications are housed in college and university libraries around the world-from the University of California System, United States Military Academy, Clemson University, National Library of Israel, University of Marburg Germany, Stanford University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Pepperdine University, Howard University, Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library, and hundreds of university libraries around the world. Follow the links on this page to colleges and universities. Dr. Covin's latest book Thirteen Turns, builds upon his previous scholarly work, and is considered his magnum opus. 


He is the author of Thirteen Turns: A Theology Resurrected From The Gallows of Jim Crow Christianity, published by Wipf and Stock Publishers.


He is also the author of Homelessness, Poverty, and Incarceration: The Criminalization of Despair, published by The Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice


In 2012 Dr. Covin authored--The Constructing of A Contemporary Corrections Ethic In The Tradition of Social Contract Theory: An Extrapolation From The Work of Political Philosopher John Rawls, published by ProQuest as his Doctoral Dissertation. 


He earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Albany State University, Master of Divinity in Christian Education from the Interdenominational Theological Center, Doctoral degree in Criminal Justice Ethics from the Lancaster Theological Seminary, Postdoctoral ThM degree in Theology and Ethics from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Dr. Covin’s next project is an Autoethnography book chronicling his work in the criminal justice prison system over twenty years. It is a book of Corrections Ethics and is due out in 2021.

Over the span of twenty years Dr. Covin has taught as an adjunct professor at Morgan State University, University of Baltimore, Howard Community College, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Lancaster Theological Seminary, and The Schaefer Center for Public Policy teaching Public Policy Ethics.

Dr. Covin presently serves as Systematic Theologian-Religion Scholar at the historic Trinity UCC Church in York, Pennsylvania.